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Unexpectedly soft in aroma. Hoppy yet floral, with a touch of resin, pine and fruity esters. A silky creaminess builds on the palate, then dissipates as vodka-like alcohol cuts through with spice and a slight burn, creating a warming effect. The hops taste compacts with earth, wood, resins, leaf, bark and oils that stick to the palate. Slightly alcoholic taste, especially as the beer warms. Maltiness underneath, with notes of caramel and toasty bread backed by toffee. At this point, hop flavors (via the oils) have completely embedded themselves on the palate with an intense herbal linger. Flavors meld well when warm. Drying finish, with grainy, husky, hay-like edges.

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Extremely pale straw yellow beer, a touch hazy, with a soda-like appearance. Candied ginger aroma, spicy and herbal, with suggestions of cardamom and lilacs. Thin and crisp in the mouth, with some unpleasant tannins up front. Compared to the aroma, the ginger character is very tame in the flavor, while a lemony bitterness puckers things up just a bit. Light pale malt sweetness, while the wildflower honey used is well-attenuated, leaving behind a pleasing floral note and slight remnants of raw honey. Hints of cardamom, with a lingering raw and semi-astringent pith, husky and wheat-like character in the finish. The tannins throughout the beer, especially in the finish, took a lot away from allowing the subtleties of the brew to shine. Interesting, but not refreshing or overly drinkable.

Out of the bottle and into the glass, the beer pours a very rich, vibrant, copper-colored brew with a seemingly thick consistency, evidenced by the sluggish carbonation bubbles rising to the top. Topped with a very healthy, thick, slightly off-white foam head, the beer's lacing is tight and creamy, sticking to the glass and retaining very well. Complex piney and resin-y hop nose with gentle floral notes and a bit of a peppery and spicy rye edge tucked within. Aroma suggests something sweet, with malty caramel up front, loads of enticing ripe fruits, then alcohol.

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be posh Geschenkbox "Tobacco"
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    be posh Geschenkbox "Tobacco"

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    Poured from the can, Sea Hag is a copper-colored brew, with tawny hues and a touch of chill haze. The head is slightly off-white and healthy, with a good quarter-inch lacing and sticky sides. Toasty nose, preceded by a big floral hop bouquet, but resting to something a bit more dank and resiny. Very smooth, with a slightly watery consistency and a low level of carbonation. Malt character is also toasty, with some breadiness and hint of caramel. The hop profile is intriguingly odd. There's no real bitterness, not like you'd expect from most IPAs, and what's there are muted notes of citrus and pine. Also unexpected are more subtle flavors of earth, wood, slight resin, hop oil with some background pith and an herbal edge. Vegetal undertones. Wood and earth linger in the semi-dry finish


    We sampled a few 12-ounce bottles of this cider, chilled down to 40 degrees. Light, fizzy bubbles rise to the top while pouring. Very pale yellow color. Low carbonation. At first glance, you might almost think this is a white wine. Smells of a blend of Pink Lady, Granny Smith and McIntosh apples; a bit buttery and musty in the back. Sulfites are very hard to detect. Very light body, very white-wine-ish. Tartness leads the way, soft but with a bite. Light, earthen notes; apple skin and apple pulp, middle to back. Sweet and sour apple flavor in the middle. Kiss of warmth from the alcohol. Wet and refreshing; almost too drinkable. At 6 percent alcohol by volume, any more than a few glasses will make you loopy.


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